Grassroots Stimulus System – Business Summary

This insane Card offers upfront savings up to 30% with 0% APR forever!

StrongCard™ is the only retail card that eliminates credit and debit charges for purchasing goods and services only.

     Created for small and medium size enterprise (SMEs) to compete with chain and mega stores, my Retail Merchant’s Card Program, RMCP provides SMEs with a sustainable stimulus enhancing their growth potential while minimizing their risks.

Essentially, qualifying SMEs issue and redeem their own branded Retail Card and benefit by receiving cash up front on their customer’s future sales.  A way to build up their cash that stays in their bank!  When it comes to customer’s retention, their customers benefit everyday with savings up to 30% on all purchases.

My name is Eric C. Strong – Entrepreneur and Inventor of the Merchant’s Only Retail Card Program. This month, April 2018, my Dry Cleaning & Laundry Company, is celebrating its 88th year in business.   My RMCP – StrongCard™ – continues to be the reason for my businesses’ longevity and success.


StrongCard™ International LLC is an Innovation Driven Enterprise (IDE) administering to an Economic Stimulus for small and medium size enterprise (SMEs). 

 Start Up

The plan is to establish 3,142 County Administrators in the United States.


County Administrators for the SMEs’ closed network and standalone are responsible for enrolling, licensing and administering qualified SMEs.

Financing Goal

  • Raise $35 million dollars through a special offering to the first 1000 qualifying Administrators.


This synopsis is provided for those groups and individuals interested in capitalizing on a new business opportunity. For more detail information, you can email me at: or phone: 412-327-4465 or visit  Headquarters:  StrongCard™ International -1424 Hawthorne Street.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15201.  Attention: Eric C Strong, CEO



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