According to the World Economic Forum,” the push for economic growth in recent decades has led to substantial increases in wealth for large numbers of people across the globe.  Despite huge gains in economic output, there is evidence that our current social, political and economic systems are exacerbating inequalities, rather than reducing them.”

To address societies’ inequalities, the ESS was created.  The ESS provides individuals and groups with the solution to independently grow their economies.  To accomplish this, the ESS provides a sustainable way to reverse the current trend causing the continual loss of free enterprise.  The ESS provides the solution to add more businesses, business growth and jobs to society’s economy for everyone capable of working at and above a living wage.  Achieving this goal eliminates society’s inequalities and poverty.

The ESS is the only sustainable way to mitigate poverty.  The ESS primarily offers a different way of rearranging “the chairs on the deck of a cruise ship.”  The benefits derived from the ESS is surreal and a panacea for all of society’s political, social and economic ills.

The ESS, the only inclusive system building economies from the "bottom up."

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