Grassroots Stimulus System – Your Freedom


Freedom to me means every person should have the opportunity to maximize their growth potential politically, socially and economically.

Your patent-pending Grassroots Stimulus System (GSS) provides the world’s first radical approach for you to support building your economy from the bottom up versus top down. In doing so, the benefits will reach every person in our society. The system, if nothing else, will lay the foundation for you to maximize your growth potential and minimize those political, social and economic inequalities holding a majority of person back.

In order to reduce rising income inequality the cause of economic and social ills, ranging from low consumption to social and political unrest, the system provides a solution for you to stimulate and sustain the economic growth potential of small businesses. Your system helps existing and new small businesses to maximize their growth potential.  This is a new system that you can use to save more small businesses and their attending jobs and add more jobs to our economy and in many instances at a living wage. For more detailed information please visit:

The marketing of the system consists of Franchises which will be authorized to capitalize on the licensing of the Grassroots Stimulus System to small businesses enrolling into the system’s network; as well as those businesses whose preference is to stand alone.  With over 3,100 counties and or county like in the USA alone, it is likely that a franchise will be available in each of these counties and into other countries.

Financial forecast from license small businesses is based on data from Pittsburgh’s 152 zip codes anticipate a Franchise will garner $1,288,825 of revenue in Year 1, growing to $4,553,962 of revenue in Year 5. While the net profit percentage for your system starts at 13% due to large-scale marketing and ramp up costs, Profitability for a Franchise in Year 1 at 13%, reaching 22% in Years 3 and 4, and settling at 19% in Year 5.   Year 1, is based on 234 small businesses enrolled into the Merchant Agreement Program.  The determinants used in this forecast are restricted to licensed small business’ 1x set up cost of $3,500 and ongoing set monthly administrative fee of $277.77.  Additional revenue streams can be garnered from business membership dues, sponsors and providers fees.

For those small businesses interested in enrollment and, those individuals and groups obtaining a Franchise, that will help every person’s freedom to maximize their growth potential; as well as help to save our small businesses please contact me at

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