StrongCard Stimulus System Franchise

StrongCard International LLC is the franchisor for the World’s first patent pending grassroots stimulus system.  The company’s core stimulus program is their Small Business Saving Plans that helps maximizes the growth potential and minimizes the risks for small and medium size businesses resulting in a benefit to help accelerate a nation’s economic growth.  The company’s Grassroots Stimulus System is planned to be marketed as the StrongCard™ Stimulus System and is estimated to create millions of good jobs and  trillions of dollars in new revenue with the benefits reaching everyone.

Franchise Establishes a ground breaking opportunity for individuals and groups, especially for those historically marginalized, a Grassroots Stimulus System that provides a solution for our society’s political, social and economic inequalities.

Our Grassroots Stimulus System is fully integrated and includes 21st century marketing tools, a real-time gateway, proprietary software and a 24/7 professional team of business owners to support the program.

Our local experience has demonstrated that this program benefits consumers, small businesses and neighborhoods. One main reason this business application works has to do with its simplicity:  It represents balance – it benefits the whole and not the few.  As Steve Jobs said, “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.  But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

The company’s franchise has a very low cost of entry and low overhead.  The company’s Grassroots Stimulus System is the World’s first to offer a systematic approach to solve our society’s political, social and economic inequalities.  The stimulus system provides a ground floor breaking opportunity for business ownership responsible for the licensing, administration and enrollment of small to medium size businesses.  This is a business opportunity that will make the Franchise owners the very first to be on the cutting edge of changing those conditions tightly woven into our society’s institutions that continues to exacerbate the inequalities of our nation’s political, social and economic systems.  The company’s Grassroots Stimulus System, by the company’s estimate, to be a multi-$trillion dollar industry.  There are four-days of intensive training at corporate headquarters to get you started, fully integrate marketing campaigns, and year-round promotional support for continued success.

How does your StrongCard™ Stimulus System work?

The company’s StrongCard™ Stimulus System is a fully integrated system of hardware and proprietary software to deliver the best marketing tools available today.  The system includes custom branded retail card programs (Gift/Prepaid/Loyalty/ Rewards all on a single customized smart card) | Email marketing | internet advertising | Customer CRM (Customer Relationship and Management) | Targeted Mail | TXT Messaging (Mobile SMS) all easily accessible from your Grassroots Stimulus System’s web portal MDC (Merchant Data Center).  The retail card program is used as the “tool in the field” to collect customer information, build customer databases and to deliver a unique solution maximizing your business growth potential.  The online Merchant Data Center allows communicating with customers, monitoring customer activity, launching customized marketing, promoting campaigns and reconciling foreign transactions.



How does someone use StrongCard™ Stimulus System?

The company’s core StrongCard™ Stimulus System uses a proprietary stimulus program – Small Business Saving Plans (SBSP). Essentially, the SBSP provides small to medium size businesses, a solution to: | Fund their Business without the Cost of Borrowing | Increase Cash Flow | Increase Brand Identity | Achieve Optimum Facility Utilization (OFU) | Sustain Customer Loyalty and Retention | Market Advantage | Network Benefits | Build Cash Reserve | 24/7 Professional Support | Dedicated Franchisee |.

The company’s stimulus program provides licensing each business site with saving plans for their residential and commercial customer with upfront small business saving plans and savings of 10% to 30% on future sales.  The SBSP are issued by the business in blocks of $100 to $1,000 for residential customer and in blocks of $1000 to $10,000 for commercial customer.  Specifically, customers choose the SBSP of their choice from their preferred neighborhood business, and receive an upfront saving. The SBSP plus corresponding savings are loaded onto the business’ branded rechargeable debit card.  The debit card is strictly for purchases only.  The customer then can make future purchases using the debit card from their preferred neighborhood business that issue the debit card, as well as, from participating businesses within the network.  As an example, if a customer chooses the standard $1,000 SBSP with a corresponding saving of 30%, then the dollar amount of the plan, $1,000 plus the dollar amount of savings, $300 are then loaded onto the business’ branded rechargeable cashless debit card reflecting a total purchasing power of $1,300.  The customer’s cash purchase from the SBSP stays with the issuing business.  The cash from the SBSP is then used by the business to build cash reserves and offset their costs without having to borrow.  The methods and system of the company’s patent-pending stimulus system provides small to medium size businesses a solution to further stimulate economic activity and generate money to fund their businesses without having to borrow.


You’re a GREAT FIT FOR the StrongCard™ Stimulus System if you are…

  • passionate about change
  • love helping all people
  • outgoing with a sociable personality
  • able to follow a proven, yet simple system
  • always promoting the StrongCard™ Stimulus System Brand and possess a strong work ethic


Min. Liquid Capital:

Total Investment:
$52,000 – $90,000

Minimum Net Worth:

Third Party


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