The World’s first Grassroots Stimulus System Ends Terrorism


This stimulus system is the missing piece that has been missing in society’s political, social and economic systems from the onset.   Without this piece that serves as the checks and balances, every society will continue to experience economic and social ills, ranging from low consumption to social and political unrest that will continue to damage our future political, social and economic well being.  Societies will continue to have Wars resulting in the loss of life to billions of children and their children’s children.  Unless conditions are changed, regardless of how one label and categorize those terrorist individuals and organize groups; members of societies will continue to be terrorized and the pillars of democracy will come and go, often replaced by dictators or authoritarian governments.

This stimulus system is the missing piece that will change the conditions that continues to exacerbate political, social and economic inequalities.  This stimulus system provides everyone in our society a systematic and sustainable approach to change these conditions by maximizing their growth potential, irrespective of governments and achieve life goals; a stimulus system providing a solution to our society’s social, political and economic inequalities.

In Summary - The new patent-pending invention relates to a method and system used to solve a wide range of social and economic inequalities. This is the first system to fill the void for our political, social and economic systems by providing the necessary checks and balances to sustain the pillars of Democracy.  The system provides autonomy to create jobs and revitalize neighborhoods’ small businesses and individual’s quality of life.   More important, the new invention relates to a method and system that provides small businesses, a sustainable way to maximize their growth potential and minimize their risks. Specifically, the new invention relates to a method and system used to maximize small businesses’ growth potential by providing an unlimited source of capital to offset their costs without the cost of borrowing. This will result in millions of jobs being created and the recovery of free enterprise.   In addition, the new invention relates to a method and system used to solve the majority of small businesses’ issues.  This will result in the acceleration of unheard economic growth that will generate trillions of dollars in new revenue solving societies’ political, social and economic inequalities.  It’s a system benefiting the whole and not just the few.


Societies can continue to believe that violent means justify the ends and people choose terrorism when they are trying to right what they perceive to be political, social and economic inequalities – when they have been marginalized.  This will continue to exacerbate the loss of our children and our children children’s lives in the future – Societies Most Valuable Asset.


I need your help to launch this unprecedented World’s First Patented Pending Grassroots Stimulus System, this summer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Most people believe there is very little, if anything can be done about our political, social and economic inequalities.     But from my business experience, Only You, not Governments, can solve these problems.  Your support is vital in solving our Nation’s and others political, social and economic inequalities.

Therefore, would you consider making a contribution in the next thirty days to this summer launch in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to help us achieve our mission?  Our financial goal is to raise $600,000.

For more detailed information to assist in your decision in making a contribution please visit my Blogs @

We thank you in advance for your support!  Your campaign contribution is greatly appreciated and will be used to cover the costs of our summer launch.  This is a ground floor opportunity for those individuals and groups wanting to join this global initiative please contact me at

You can donate on line at; you can mail your check to StrongCard International 7620 Frankstown Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa 15208 or you can call 412-241-0637 to contribute by phone.

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